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Nash Tackle Trax Evo MK2 Barrow


Essential for carting heavy kit around the lake

Cygnet Sniper Barrow


Top quality transportation, ideal for the short or long session angler taking up minimal space once packed down

Trakker X-Trail Compact Barrow


The Rolls Royce of barrows, incredibly versatile and will cater to all your transport needs as well having a tiny packdown size

Nash Tackle Barrow

£159.99 £149.99

This is Nash's most basic barrow for people not wanting to shell out for an expensive barrow, this however gives you all the best features for a fraction of the price.

Nash Trax Evo Power Barrow


Tired of them long, arduous barrow journeys, thanks to the Trax Evo Power Barrow they are a thing of the past.

Trakker - X-Trail Galaxy Barrow


This light barrow is great if you have a small car, it packs down to a very compact size and only weighs in at 13.9kg. It comes with a deep storage bag with a zipped lid allowing you to load it with all of your smaller items and water butts. The barrow also has side rails perfect to use with a barrow elastic to keep all of your luggage secure.

Trakker - Access Barrow


This Access Barrow does as it says, you can access any point of this barrow easily allowing you to essentially fish from the barrow. Once your bed is loaded on to the front tusks and your water evenly distributed in the saddle bags your barrow will be rock steady with even weight distribution for an easier journey. This barrow also features a mud guard around the wheel to prevent any mud or water splashing up and ruining your sleeping bag and bedchair.

Trakker - Safety Barrow Strap


The Safety Barrow Strap has been designed to secure your tackle onto your barrow during transportation and eliminate the dangers associated with standard bungee cord hooks thanks to its quick and safe Quick Clip system. It is a universal 3m strap which is suitable to be used with any fishing barrow and comes in a subtle olive colour.

Trakker - Lock & Load Barrow Strap


There's nothing more annoying than getting halfway round the lake to your spot and your falling luggage causing your whole barrow to tip, launching your gear in to the mud. This strap ensures that wont happen and gives even the best 'barrow driver' a sense of security!

Avid Carp - Dura-Stop Barrow Cover


This barrow cover is designed to be used on all modern barrows. It’s contructed from our unique Dura-Stop material, features fully taped seams and has an elasticated seams allowing it to fit all manners of barrows. Dura-Stop material Waterproof and breathable fabric 20,000mm Hydrostatic head Fully taped seams Elasticated hem Fits all modern barrows Can be stretched over barrow handles

Avid Carp - Transit Extreme Barrow


The Transit Extreme Barrow boasts a whole host of innovative features that will make transporting heavy loads over long distances a much easy task than ever before. Multi-width side bars now allow for your gear to be loaded & unloaded with ease and can be transported in any number of configurations. The Transit Extreme Barrow also features an extending front rack which allows for large items such as buckets, carryalls, Chairs & Bedchairs to be carried securely, thanks to the 2 heavy duty security straps.