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Baitrunner Freespool

Okuma LS-6K Baitfeeder Reel


If you are looking for a baitrunner that is capable of dealing with big fish in demanding situations then look no further than the LS-6K

Okuma Carbonite XP CBF-155A


Fantastic value for money the Carbonite XP's even come with a spare spool

Okuma Carbonite V2 Match Baitrunner 40M Reel

£44.99 £39.99

A stunning, compact feeder reel with free spool system ideal for carp fishing plus other species like Tench & Barbel.

Shimano - Baitrunner ST FB Reel *free spool of shimano line*


Available in the same sizes as the DL, but with fewer ball bearings, the Baitrunner ST-FB is the entry level small Baitrunner. Varispeed line lay, Super Stopper II plus XT-7 body and rotor are among the many advanced design features included in the ST’s construction. The 2500 size is perfect for feeder and bomb fishing on small waters when fishing for carp or other hard fighting fish, whilst the 4000 size offers more versatility and power making it suitable for all general, pleasure and specialist fishing.

Shimano - Baitrunner ST RB Reel


This budget friendly reel does not lack quality nor power. This easy-to-use baitrunner reel offers a perfect starter reel and is also incredibly popular with specimen anglers with the 6000 size being suitable for smaller carp, barbel tench and predator bait fishing. Double handle and the picture illustrates a 10000 model.

Shimano - Baitrunner DL FB Reel


With a stealth gunmetal grey body, the new Baitrunner DL offers a host of features unique to the DL family of reels. Three shielded stainless steel ball bearings produce effortless performance, whilst the Power Roller helps to eliminate line twist with fine mono and braid. Available in 2500 and 4000 sizes, this new model is equally at home targeting predatory species with deadbaits, or when feeder fishing for hard fighting fish such as carp and barbel. Utilising Shimano’s world renowned technology such as AR-C spool and Varispeed oscillation system the Baitrunner DL offers optimum efficiency with huge amounts of power in reserve. The Baitrunner DL has become very popular with match anglers for feeder fishing where the use of the Baitrunner freespool system is a big advantage as when engaged it eliminates crack offs on the take and allows the angler to get into position before engaging the drag.

Shimano - Baitrunner DL RB Reel


The rear drag option is available in 6000 and 10000. The 6000 is the ideal tool for tackling smaller lakes and rivers, whereas the 10000 is perfect for using with heavier lines when you really want to punch out those long distances. Shimano has ensured there is no drop in quality when producing this reel, it will be a staple part of your set up for years without the features declining in performance or appearance. Featuring a classic AR-C spool, Varispeed oscillation ensures that you are able to achieve a faultless line lay each time. The Baitrunner system allows you to enjoy a huge variety of tension settings and enables you to switch between freespool mode and fight mode in a matter of moments.

Shimano - Baitrunner LC XT-B Longcast Reel


The Big- and Medium Baitrunners are back and they are fully stocked with the best Shimano technologies. The reels feature a large AR-C spool with slow oscillation in combination with the Aero Wrap II line lay system. This combination ensures maximum distance casting performance. Also on these reels the X-Ship system is present ensuring a smooth power transfer and stability of the gears thanks to the two-point support of the pinion gear by ball bearings. Internally all 4 ball bearings are shielded A-RB for increased durability and the gears have been redesigned to minimise friction and increase power transfer from the long aluminum handle to the rotor. This delivers more torque and winding power making fish playing easier and delivering more control. Available in two sizes, the Big size, with its awesome casting performance is perfect for the largest carp waters, whilst the smaller Medium version is the ideal choice for medium sized waters where casting distance isn't the most important requirement. Both the Big- and Medium Baitrunner will be supplied with line reducers.

Shimano - Baitrunner LC Ci4+ XT-B Longcast Reel


The longcast C14+ baitrunner has been created by Shimano to replace and revamp the old XTA model reel, with all the high tech and quality features you'd expect from Shimano. The XTB Baitrunner is one of the most commonly used reels by carp fishermen all over Europe. The whole system is ideally set for all fishing situations with a big and medium size to suit. The large AR-C spool allows for a smooth knot free cast, the 5000 medium model to reach 120 metres and the 14000 big baitrunner is built to tackle distance casting paired with a heavier rod.