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Baiting Tools

CarpLife Multi Needle


The CarpLife Multi Needle - Where style meets practicality

Korum Meat Quickstoppa Kit


The Meat Stoppa provides a one-piece bait stop for soft baits like luncheon meat

Matrix Side Baiting Needle


Ideal when hair rigging soft or hard baits

Matrix Super Stop Needle


Perfect in conjunction with Matrix Super Stops

Matrix Boilie Pins


Secure & efficient baiting

Preston Innovations Worm Scissors


A razor-sharp double-bladed set of scissors designed to cut through worms with ease!

Matrix SLIK Catapult Spare Elastics


Spare elastic for SLIK catapults (one set per pack)

Matrix Punch Set


Perfect for punching soft baits like meat and bread

Enterprise Meat Mate


A specially designed hair stop for use with soft meats, such as luncheon meat or meatballs that simply hooks into the hair loop

Frenzee FXT Fine Latch Needle *PAY FOR 4 AND GET A 5TH FREE*


FXT Fine Latch Needle is a strong, fine latch needle for hair rigging small baits.

Frenzee FXT Pellet Bander


A great pellet bander for all weather conditions, even comes with free bait bands!!!!

Korum Bopper Bait Dropper


The ultimate bait dropper featuring a spod / bait dropper hybrid design allowing it to be cast onto your chosen area