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Baiting Poles

Nash Bushwhacker HD Carry Bag


Keep all of your Bushwhacker sections together in a neat carry bag eliminating scratches or damage

Nash Bush Whacker Extra Section


Extra sections for the Bush Whacker System allowing you to reach every spot requardless of the range.

Nash Bush Whacker Baiting Pole System


A revolutionary idea allowing you to use as many sections as you require and allowing you to fish tight against snags without all the faff of clipping up, DEVASTATING!!

Aqua 12 Metre Baiting Pole


Keeping in theme with Aqua's popular Atom range they have bought a baiting pole into the concept. Telescopic and easy to store and carry it is a very simple yet genius idea from Aqua!

Cygnet Baiting Pole 1.6m Extension


Should those carp be feeding just that bit too far for your baiting pole to reach then fear not! Get an extension section!!

Cygnet 12 Meter Baiting Pole


The worst kept secret in carp fishing when it comes to sneaking baits on top of bubbling carp, the baiting pole!

Cygnet Baiting Spoon


The final piece of the puzzle for all you baiting spoon users out there. Whack this large spoon head on the end of the pole and away you go!

Cygnet Baiting Spoon Float


The baiting spoon float will make shipping the pole out to your spot a dream and help keep this stealthy method as quiet and inconspicuous as possible.

Cygnet Baiting Pole Protection Tube


When it comes to using a baiting pole this an be a massive edge so keeping it in top condition is a must! Get this protective tube to keep your baiting pole in the best condition.

RidgeMonkey - Bait Spoon Green


Standard size scoop suitable for all baits, boilies, pellet, maggots, spod mix and anything else you could think of! The shape also allows you to load your bait boat with minimal spillage and mess!