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Bait Bags & Buckets

Ridgemonkey Armoury Stackable Storage Box


Perfect for storing and transporting a large number of belongings, these boxes are weather resistant and wipe clean making them ideal for fishing and outdoor items.

Sticky Baits 13L Bucket


Our bucket is the perfect addition to any angler’s armoury as they are ideal for numerous applications, whether its stalking, floaters or plain old bait storage on the bank.

Nash Trax Barrow Bucket Outriggers


No more buckets bashing your shins when you try and carry them on your barrow handles as well as freeing up valuable cargo space on your barrow.

Nash Scope OPS Baiting Pouch


Zipped lightweight peachskin camo waist pouch for carrying boilies, pellets and floaters - ideal for stalking and floater fishing.

Sonik Xtractor Bait & Tackle Bag


The Xtractor Bait & Tackle Bag is both practical and versatile and will accommodate all your bait and tackle requirements for short or long session fishing.

Avid Stormshield Collapsible Bucket


The Stormshield Collapsible Bucket is perfect for wetting down Carp when on the unhooking mat.

FOX 10l Bucket Insert


Separates and organises tackle items and bait.

CarpLife 4 Pot Kit


A great kit for either hook baits or tea/coffee etc.

CarpLife Hook Bait Pots


Black Hook Bait pots with a double lid system to prevent leaking of liquids.

Lemco 18 Litre Round Camo Bucket


Lemco 18 litre round camo bait buckets, complete with re-sealable lid and metal handle, ideal for use with boilies, pellets, particles or groundbaits.

Korum Method Mix Bait Tub Set


Perfect for mixing up smaller quantities of groundbait/pellets for feeder fishing.

Spomb Single Bucket Stand Kit


Compact all in one design that holds your bait bucket at the perfect height and saves you bending over to refill your Spomb