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Bait Bags & Buckets

Korda Compac Goo Bag


A cool product from the Korda Compac stable, the perfect peice of luggage to store all the Goo's you have in your bags.

RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher (Head Only)


Take out all the effort and time taken up by crushing up your boilies with the awesome Advanced Boilie Crusher from Ridgemonkey, turns 5kg of boilies into crumb in minutes

RidgeMonkey Compact Bucket System 7.5L


Keeping up with their fantastic bucket storage concept Ridgemonkey have now brought out the incredibly compact 7.5 litre version

Korda Compac Buckets


Sporting Korda's new camo design and tight fastening lids to avoid spillages, the compac buckets make transporting bait easy

Sticky Baits 5.8ltr Bucket


Subtly branded bucket ideal for storing items of terminal tackle for stalking / floater fishing or for carrying your bait of choice

Korda Compac Bait Cool Bag


A new line of Compac Luggage has just dropped from Korda HQ to add to the ever growing luggage range!!

Spomb Bucket


17 litre in size made from a robust heavy duty material, ideal for carrying your bait to and from your chosen venue

Ridgemonkey Compact Bucket System 7.5L


This bucket is the perfect size for those day sessions when moving around is important or a perfect stalking bucket.

Fox Aquos Camolite Bucket and Insert 12 Liter


The Fox Aquos luggage is a new range that is all EVA which means if can be whipped down inside and out very easily, these bucket and inserts could make the perfect solid bag buckets.

Trakker Pureflo Air Dry System


Perfect for air drying your bait without those pesky rats or squirrels chewing through your air dry bags.

Trakker Pureflo Bait Filter System


A truly revolutionary idea to stop you from getting covered in particle or boilie glugs

ESP Belt Bucket


A carpy DPM belt bucket that can hold up to 3kg of bait perfect for stalking situations.