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Bait Stops, Bait Attachment

Carp Spirit Brown Pellet Stops Large


Essential for keeping pellets firmly on the hair

Korda Bait Drills


Essential for attaching hard hookbaits such as pellets and tiger nuts onto the hair or for balancing hookbaits to make a critically balanced fast reacting rig

Leeda Rogue Needle Set


Perfect for beginners to get themselves kitted out with all the necessary terminal items

Kuro Edges Coated Rig Rings Round


Essential for fishing Chods, Hinges and Blowback Rigs allowing the bait to be blown down the shank of the hook, improving hook holds

Ridgemonkey Rm-Tec The Floss 50mm


Handy spool of waxed floss, ideal for tying on hookbaits.

Thinking Anglers 6mm Drill + Cork Sticks


Ideal for critically balancing out bottom baits or tiger nut hookbaits giving them better buoyancy to help rig mechanics.

Thinking Anglers Mini Bait Drill


For drilling out hookbaits such as tiger nuts or pellets the mini bait drill will be an absolute life saver.

Thinking Anglers Gate Latch Needle


This is the multi purpose needle in the range ideal for mounting all manner of hookbaits or pulling rigs through PVA sticks.

Thinking Anglers Hard Hookbait Needle


Perfect for mounting hard hookbaits such as pellets and tiger nuts.

Thinking Anglers Rig Rings


Essential for tying up blowback rigs or for flossing on pop ups to d rigs.

Thinking Anglers Boilie Stops


Neat little boilie stops from Thinking Anglers, three different colours supplied to blend in with any hookbait.

ESP Metal Bait Screws


Change you bait in seconds with the ESP Plastic Bait Screws for conveniently attaching a fresh bait and getting it back out on the spot as soon as possible