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Frenzee FXT EVA Groundbait Bowls


Great addition to the Frenzee range a dedicated groundbait mixing bowl made from wipe down EVA material

Sonubaits Banoffe Stiki Method Pellets 2mm


Soo good you will want to eat them yourselves

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Meats


New for 2021 Dynamite Baits have released three exciting not just flavored meats but infused with other awesome fish catching baits, sweetcorn, robin red & halibut

Preston Innovations Commercial Punch Kits


Ideal for creating hookbaits from baits such as bread and meat allowing you to achieve ultimate presentation

Ringers Liquids, Red, Yellow & Dark 250ml


Ideal for adding extra attraction to your groundbait, pulling in more fish into your swim

Sonubaits Krill & Squid Groundbait


Krill and Squid have proven time and time again to be phenomenal fish attractors so combining the two is certainly a winning combination

Sonubaits Stiki Chocolate Orange Method Pellets 2mm


These smell glorious, packed full of attraction that will leak off in your swim, attracting fish for hours

Sonubaits Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets


Get them Barbel and Carp crawling up the line with these super smelly pellets oozing with attraction

Sonubaits Banoffee Corn


Combining one of the all time best fish catching baits with the heavenly smell of banoffee, you wont mind going home smelling of this one I can assure you

Guru Pellet Pliers


A tool that will make life so much easier when it comes to using pellets on bait bands. The pliers will help stretch out the band to the desired size to then slip the pellet in.

Korum Baiting Needle


A simple yet effective tool that all anglers should have in their tackle box, the humble baiting needle. This can be used on a variety of hookbaits such as meat, boilies corn, if you can stick a needle in it then you can use it!

Korum Baiting Needles


With 6 needles in the range including a bait drill there is a tool to suit every situation.