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Avid Transit Extreme 3 Wheel Barrow

The Transit Extreme 3 Wheel barrow boasts a whole host of innovative features that will make transporting tackle easier than ever before.
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Manufacturer: Avid Carp

The multi-width side bars allow your gear to be loaded & unloaded with ease whilst allowing for several different loading configurations. The addition of the two removable rear wheels allows for easy transportation of heavy loads over long distances. The barrow features three easy access under barrow bags under a hard waterproof lid. There are two pocket-style bags either side of the front wheel and one larger central bag at the rear. The central under barrow bag is removable via a simple pull button, allowing you to store away any valuable essentials within your shelter. At the front of the barrow, there is an extendable front rack with two fully adjustable securing straps to transport your heaviest items such as bait buckets and bedchairs. The barrows handles are fully adjustable to comfortably suit your needs. With the handles, front rack, and wheel all fully removable, the barrow folds completely flat during transport.