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Avid Carp

Avid Folda-Cradle


The Folda-Cradle from Avid Carp is the ultimate in speed, protection, mobility.

Avid Compact Session Table


The Compact Session Table features a unique concertina frame design, allowing it to be erected and packed away in just seconds.

Avid Benchmark Ultra X System


Introducing the revolutionary Benchmark Ultra the ultimate choice for Carp anglers seeking unparalleled comfort and quality in their sleep system.

Avid Reload Accessory Box


Avid Carp Reload Accessory Box, a strong secure tackle box with a see through lid and loaded with Avid baiting tools and scissors

Avid Stormshield Collapsible Bucket


The Stormshield Collapsible Bucket is perfect for wetting down Carp when on the unhooking mat.

Avid Armorok Snag Hooks Barbed


The Armorok Hook range features some of the latest manufacturing processes and materials available.

Avid Retracta Tool Set


The Retracta Tool Set comes complete with all 5 Retracta baiting tools in a super-compact hard case.

Avid Retracta Tool Storage Case


The Retracta Tool Storage case is deigned to hold all 5 Retracta baiting tools in its super compact hard case.

Avid Compact Marker Float


The Compact Marker Float is a scaled down version the popular Marker Float.

Avid Flexi Ring Rig Loops


Allow you to create large, perfectly formed loops that will stay the same size and shape.

Avid Flat Links


Designed to be used with the new, improved Avid Flat Clips, these Flat Links will 'click' into position inside the clips.

Avid Carp Hook Shots


The sliding Hook Shot ensures the hook sits at a prone angle and improves how quickly the hook flips and turns.