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Avid Benchmark Ultra X System

Introducing the revolutionary Benchmark Ultra the ultimate choice for Carp anglers seeking unparalleled comfort and quality in their sleep system.
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Manufacturer: Avid Carp

At Avid, we have consistently set the benchmark for Carp Bedchairs, and our Memory Foam mattress's unrivaled comfort is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Continuously striving to incorporate the latest technologies and manufacturing processes, we are proud to present our latest innovation that raises the bar even higher.

The Benchmark Ultra combines our most popular features with new advancements that have significantly improved the overall sleeping experience on the bank.

Our innovative TLS lumber design ensures that no detail is overlooked. With reduced elasticity and no more sagging, the firm base sheet enhances the feel and softness of the memory foam mattress, guaranteeing a restful night's sleep.

But we didn't stop there. We have engineered machined dual pivoting CNC hinges, setting a new standard for flat hinge design. These hinges are not only incredibly strong and reliable but also provide the flattest mattress and frame possible, ensuring a better sleep for you.

We have also made significant enhancements to our LevelTech leg design. By incorporating larger springs and an improved track design, we have created the strongest and easiest-to-operate leg system on the market.

Both models of the Benchmark Ultra feature a 5-season dual-layer duvet arrangement that is fully reversible. This allows you to customize your sleep system according to your preference and the prevailing conditions, providing you with peace of mind on every trip.

The duvet is topped with our EX waterproof fabric, a luxurious heavy-duty peach skin material that offers unprecedented waterproofing and comfort.

To further enhance your comfort, the duvet includes draught baffles on both the external and internal layers, ensuring optimal comfort regardless of the configuration you choose.

Key Features:
• CNC Aluminium Hinge assembly
• 20,000mm Waterproof EX fabric top
• Improved LevelTech Leg system
• TLS Lumber design for the ultimate flat mattress
• Luxurious Memory foam mattress
• Waterproof Heavy Duty EX Peachskin top
• 6 legs on Std size and 8 Legs on X Size
• Dual layer reversible duvet
• Std weight- 16.8 kgs
• X Weight- 20.5 kgs
• STD dimensions - W 80cm x L 200cm x H 38/48cm
• X dimensions – W 90cm x L 210cm x H 38/48cm

Experience the Benchmark Ultra and elevate your sleeping experience to new heights.