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Artificial Baits

ESP Artificial Boilies Natural Range


The artificial boilie range has been specifically designed for anglers fishing waters that are populated with them pesky crayfish, now in foodbait colours you can present a cray proof bait that will replicated the look of your freebies.

Thinking Anglers Cork Sticks


Essential for critically balancing your hookbaits whether its tiger nuts or boilies.

Trakker - Half Sized Glug Pots


150ml glug pots at half the size of the standard ones, just as useful however perhaps for a shorter session. You can separate all of your hookbaits out and have as many as you like without taking up to much room in your holdall.

Enterprise Tackle - Imitation Maggots


Super soft buoyant imitation maggot in two sizes to use on the hook or hair rig. Ideal where a slow sinking hook bait is required, eg. when fish are taking on the drop. Can be used on their own or in conjunction with real maggots, to produce a popped up or critically balanced bait.

Enterprise Tackle - Super Soft Yellow Sweetcorn


Ideal for carp, tench and bream, use the buoyancy to your advantage to create popped-up or critically balanced hook baits.

Enterprise Tackle - Pop Up Sweetcorn


The original Enterprise pop up artificial sweetcorn, needs no introduction!

Enterprise Tackle - Rubber Casters


Over the past few years, imitation caster have proved to be the ‘top bait’ for specimen tench, accounting for many multiple catches and double figure fish up to 12lb 15oz. Unlike the fake casters produced by some other companies, we purposely enhance the colours of our’s so they stand out from the loose feed. Combined with just the right buoyancy to help counterbalance the hook, plus our added special attractors, our casters consistently out fish those from our rivals.

Enterprise Tackle - Imitation Snails


The soft buoyant plastic snail shells come in 3 sizes and all are impregnated with fish proteins for added attraction. All 3 sizes contain a recess to accept black zig rig foam inserts that are included in each pack, to add extra buoyancy for popped up or zig rig presentations.

Enterprise Tackle - Sinking Hemp


Sinking version of our popular buoyant imitation Hemp, soft enough to use on the hook, or hair rig if desired.

Enterprise Tackle - Pop Up Tiger Nut


For use as a critically balanced bait it can be trimmed if needed and placed over a bed of real tiger nuts.

Enterprise Tackle - Artificial Hemp


An artificial split grain of hemp that has a multitude of uses, brilliant so you don't disturb your prepared patch.

Enterprise Tackle - Pop Up Maize


Perfect for use in crayfish filled lakes. The pop up maize is best fished on hair rig over real maize or corn and pellet lasting for hours and hours.