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Artificial Baits

LiquiRigs Bait-Cap Easy Hookbait System Small Dumbell (10mm X 15mm)


The Bait-Cap easy hookbait system – A new simple to use hookbait concept

LiquiRigs Dragonfly Full Zig System


Unleash the Power of the DragonFly: Customise… Catch… Conquer!

LiquiRigs Dedicated Zig Liquid


Liquizigs liquid attractants, your dedicated zig enhancing liquid. All of these liquids have been designed specifically with zig fishing in mind.

LiquiRigs Zig Foam


Our pre cut zig foam is sized perfectly to fit the zig cap, simply squirt some liquid into an empty cap, plug the foam into the cap so it’s secure and ready to cast.

LiquiRigs Liquid Zig Alinger Caps


The Liquid Zig Aligner Cap is a unique design that allows multiple variations of setting up your zig rig.

LiquiRigs Liquid Zig Full System


The Liquid Zig Aligner System is a unique design that allows multiple variations of setting up your Zig rig. The Liquid Cylinder offers the unique opportunity to offer a constant trail of liquid attraction around their Zig hookbait.

Korda Slow Sinking Imitation Boilies


These imitation boilie hookbaits are the ultimate solution if your hookbaits are prone to unwanted attention from species other than carp, particularly crayfish.

Enterprise Tackle Imitation Worms


Our imitation popup Redworms can be used in several ways for a variety of species.

Enterprise Tackle Pop Up Niteglow Green Worms


After 12 months of testing across all angling disciplines, Enterprise Tackle is delighted to reveal the latest addition to its portfolio of products.

One More Cast Tweakers Wormurai Sprig Stop Kit


This kit will help you guys that like to use worms as hookbaits mount them easily without the fiddly bits!

One More Cast Tweakers Wormurai Spare Sprigs


Its always good to have spares of things and these are perfect for you worm users out there!

One More Cast Revibed Imitation Slow Sinking Worms


Worms are such a good hook bait but they can be tricky to use has hookbaits, worry no more thanks to OMC!