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Accessory Bags

Sonik Alarm Cover


Protect your alarms with these great little covers.

Sonik Digital Scales Pouch


Sized to fit folding digital scales

Sonik Scales Pouch


Sized to fit standard large dial scales

Sonik Foldout Tackle Pouch


Fold-out design for easy access

Sonik Tackle Pouch


Multi-section tackle pouch for storing all types of accessories and tackle items

Sonik Lead & Leader Pouch


Small accessory pouch perfect for leads and leaders

Sonik PVA Pouch


Versatile tackle pouch ideal for storing your PVA accessories

Nash Scope Ops Security Stash Pack


The Security Stash Pack carries over the shoulder with one main compartment and two smaller zipped pockets to keep wallet, keys, phone and Passport safe when travelling - or keeps your valuables together when bankside.

Korda Compac Tea Sets


Our range of EVA pouches have been a huge success and anglers use them for storing all sorts of things, and now there is one specifically for your brew kit, in the form of the Compac Tea Set

Korda Compac Duffle 30


The Compac Duffle 30 is a roll top duffle bag made from high-quality PVC tarpaulin material, which makes it incredibly durable and waterproof.

Korda Compac Bankstick Bag Dark Camo


The Dark Kamo Compac Bankstick Bag is the perfect storage solution

Korda Compac Buzz Bar Bag Dark Camo


The Dark Kamo Compac Buzz Bar Bags have been designed to protect your buzzers and bobbins during transit, whilst allowing you to leave them attached to your buzz bars and enable you to set them up or pack them away very quickly.