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Korum Pellet Stops


Originally designed for use with drilled pellets but equally useful with boilies, particles and naturals.

Korum Multi Stops


One holster with a wide variety of bait stops to suit a multitude of baits.

Korum Clear Meat Screw


Wide bore screw to suit softer baits like meat

Korum Meat Cuber


The Meat Cuber offers a simple, compact solution for cutting luncheon meat to the perfect size.

Korum Starlight Holder Kit


Offers visual bite detection at night on your rod tip

Enterprise Meat Mate


A specially designed hair stop for use with soft meats, such as luncheon meat or meatballs that simply hooks into the hair loop

Starlite Standard SL1


There's not a branch of angling where Starlites can't be used.

Starlite Mini SL5


Contains two mini nitelites and silicone tubing. 3-4 hours life.

Korum Bait Tubs


Ideal for storing bait or tackle items

Enterprise Tackle Avon-Barbel Rod Tip Nightlight Adaptor 2pk


Ideal for night sessions or fishing into dark to register even the lightest of bites

Korum Isotope Holder Kit


If you love nothing more than watching for the isotope to twitch from the tip of your rod registering a bite then this kit is for you!

Korum Mega Bands


Avaliable in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm there is a bait band in the range for you. Perfect for use with pellets all the way up to bread!