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Abu Garcia

Abu Garcia Atom Spoon 55g


The Atom spoon was first sold 1949 and it´s still a best seller and a great catcher.

Abu Garcia Atom Pro Spoon 55g


The same shape and action that has triggered so many fish since 1949, but with modern, printed and holographic colors!

Abu Garcia Silver Toby Salmo Spoon 30g


Toby saw its light of day as early as 1956 and has been one of the best selling lures in the world.

Abu Garcia MAX X BLACK OPS Casting Combo


Fantastic baitcaster and reel combination for the demanding predatory angler

Abu Garcia Solv Blixx 9cm 20g


Thin and wide like knife, while still having great castability.

Abu Garcia Solv Pill Spoon 9.5cm 22g


The Piil definitely does justice to it's name; it casts like a dream!