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Trace Making

Pike Pro Crimping Tool


Offering the perfect finish to your traces every time

Pike Pro Crimps


Super strong crimps for constructing wire traces

Pike Pro Balsa Sticks


A fantastic way to create a wafter / popped up deadbait that stays free of weed, giving you optimum presentation of weedy gravel pits

Pike Pro 49-Strand Pike Wire 40lb 8m


A supple wire that's easy to use, can be crimped or even knotted.

Pike Pro Wire Trace Rig Bin


Nice compact rig bin that is ideal for storing your made up traces.

Fox Rage Pike Trace Rig Bin


The ideal storage to keep your rigs safe and secure.

E-Sox - Lure Trace 30cm 34lb


E-Sox Lure Traces are ideal for fishing with plugs, lures and jigs for species such as pike and zander.

E-Sox - Slim Crimps


Slim Crimps are the strongest most reliable method of pike rig construction.

E-Sox - 7 Stand Pike Wire 28lb


7 Strand Pike Wire is a woven 7 strand stainless wire with a dark bronze finish.

E-Sox - Super 7 Pike Wire 28lb


Super 7 Piker Trace Wire is produced from seven strands of ultra fine stainless steel filament with improved tensile strength.

E-Sox - Super Trace Pike Wire


E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire consists of our stainless steel Super 7 wire with a translucent brown nylon coating.