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Korum Quickstop Needle


This needle is designed to work perfectly with the Korum quick stop needles!

Korum Baiting Needle


A simple yet effective tool that all anglers should have in their tackle box, the humble baiting needle. This can be used on a variety of hookbaits such as meat, boilies corn, if you can stick a needle in it then you can use it!

Korum Baiting Needles


With 6 needles in the range including a bait drill there is a tool to suit every situation.

Korum Braid Scissors


There is nothing worse then having blunt scissors on the bank when trying to tie rigs. The Korum braid scissors are super sharp perfect for cutting your braid or mono.

Korum Multi Tool


Possibly one of the most versatile tools on the market, being able to unhook fish, cut rig components and use as pliers as well , makes this tool a one of a kind!