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Carp Spirit Cutting Pliers


Perfect for cutting both braided and monofilament lines

Korda Bait Drills


Essential for attaching hard hookbaits such as pellets and tiger nuts onto the hair or for balancing hookbaits to make a critically balanced fast reacting rig

Thinking Anglers Precision Hook Honer


Use this abrasive block to precisely hone hook points to surgical sharpness.

Korda Rig Spools


Two foam spools ideal for storing rigs, supplied with pins making for an effective rig storing system

RidgeMonkey Hangman Rig Rack


Convenient magnetic rig rack designed to stick on the side of your brolly or bivvy, giving you somewhere to store your rigs and get your rods back out on the money at the drop of a hat

FOX Edges Multi Tool


Instead of carrying around a multitude of different tools for different jobs and potentially loosing said tools, you are better off investing in one that does it all..... The Multi Tool

Ridgemonkey Choppa Large 22-26mm


Needing plenty of chopped in half boilies but don't want to waste time? This RidgeMonkey cutter is quick, easy to use and hard wearing with a stainless steel blade!

Gardner Nut Drill


The solution to those hook baits that are a bit too tough to the needle like tiger nuts, pellet or even some hard boilie hook baits.

Gardner Hook Stone


A very important piece of kit that all good carp anglers should have in the tackle bag, a sharpened hook will out fish an un-sharpened hook any day.

Ridgemonkey Ezee Knot Hookbait Tyer


Do you struggle to tie on your hookbaits? The struggle no more!!!

ESP Gizmo Rig Tool


This tool can be used for number of different things, picking knots, making the correct D on a chod rig, pulling knots tight, to say the least.

Thinking Anglers Hook Honer


Hook sharpening is a major part of carp fishing, the Hook Honer has been specifically designed to make hook sharpening easier for the masses.