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Throwing Sticks

Nash Throwing Sticks


Essential for feeding boilies to spots far beyond the reaches of a catapult

Cygnet Sniper Throwing Sticks


Some could say this baiting method is a forgotten art but the throwing stick is a very effective bay to boilie fish and often this method slips up the larger residents of the lake!

Korda - Eazi Stick


The Eazi-Stik has a long, straight shaft which allows the boilie to pick up more speed before it exits. The faster the boilie travels, the further it travels. Field-testing this length generated maximum speed without increasing the effort required to move the stick through the air. Made from ultra-light polycarbonate plastic makes the Eazi-Stik incredibly light, making baiting effortless. It greatly reduces fatigue on your arm, which is a major bonus because most sticks kill your arm. Take care though, accidentally hitting the ground on the follow through can damage this stick.