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Terminal Tackle

Catfish Dumbell Pro Leech & Worm Rig


An incredibly effective sub surface rig to trap the wariest of moggies

Catfish Pro Ready Tied Hair Rigs


More than capable of taming those monster moggies, simply tie them on and away you go!!

Catfish Pro Buffer Beads


Ideal for keeping knots protected during long drawn out fights with big fish

Catfish Pro 100lb Crosslok Snap Swivels


Heavy duty snap links for a heavy duty fish, you are never bending these bad boys out

Catfish Pro Dropdown Sinking Rig Tube


Keeping your line away from the fish will help your catch rate extensively, purely and simply if the fish don't know your there they will be more likely to take your bait

Catfish Pro Fish Care Kit


Good fish care is paramount in our sport if we wish to keep catching fish in great condition to ensure this a fish care kit is essential

Catfish Pro Polystyrene Balls Green


Ideal for lifting baits or to be use with different styled Catfish Rigs. Different sizes available.

Catfish Pro Egg Pro Poppers 6.5cm


Large, extremely buoyant pro popper for a multitude of Catfish rigs.

Catfish Pro Pro-Poppers


These high density foam balls have a multitude of uses on Catfish rigs. Available in different sizes.

Catfish Pro Helicopter Rattles


Add more attraction to your live baits with this rattle.

Catfish Pro Bait Shields


To save your chosen bait from coming off on the cast.

Catfish Pro Super Slider Run Rings


Strong, Ceramic run rings create the perfect free running rig. Available in different.