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Terminal Tackle

Westin Add It Shallow Screw Large 5pc


Perfect for setting up a multi hook rig without the use of jig heads

Korum Snapper Clicker Clip-On's


A quick and easy way to attach your lures with an added clicker to give off another level of attraction.

Korum Snapper Clip Ons Size 1 25kg/55lb


An easy attachment method for those that like to use soft plastic lures with jig heads making things quick to change.

Pike Pro Balsa Sticks


A fantastic way to create a wafter / popped up deadbait that stays free of weed, giving you optimum presentation of weedy gravel pits

Pike Pro Spare Foam Inserts


Spare foam inserts to be used in conjunction with the deadbait punch kit

Pike Pro Deadbait Punch


Get them deadbaits sitting proud of the weed easily accessible to the pike by adding a small amount of foam

Pike Pro Bait Elastic


Essential for using soft deadbaits such as Sardines, Blueys and Smelt, simply wrap around your bait once mounted on the trace and you will be able to thump them miles

Pike Pro Oil and Air Kit


Essential for all deadbait anglers, perfect for adding oils and attractants into deadbaits or for popping them up

Pike Pro 6mm Black Beads


Always a place in an anglers tackle box for beads, essential for stopping weights crashing down onto knots or for placing below a stop knot

Pike Pro Anti Tangle Booms


Stop those annoying tangles when casting heavy deadbaits with the anti tangle booms from pike pro. Cheap, easy to use and essential to be fishing effectively

Pike Pro Run Rings


Run rings allow for complete resistance free movement to avoid them dreaded dropped runs

Pike Pro Mini Ledger Booms Red


Available either in black or red these wire ledger stems are great for keeping your braid off the bottom away for any obstructions that may damage your braid