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Terminal Tackle

Carp Spirit Cutting Pliers


Perfect for cutting both braided and monofilament lines

Carp Spirit Medium Curve Shank Hooks


Suitable for a wide variety of rig presentations

Carp Spirit Boilie Beaked Point Hooks


Particularly effective in heavy weed where you are expecting big battles in testing situations, thanks to its inturned eye and beaked point which hold firm in the fishes mouth

Carp Spirit Brown Pellet Stops Large


Essential for keeping pellets firmly on the hair

FOX Zig Storage Disc


Ideal for keeping you long zig links neat and tidy

Korda Distance Heli Leads


With its heavy nosed profile the Distance Heli's cast like a dream yet still retain fantastic hooking potential

Korda Tournament Casting Heli Leads


Designed for casting long distances in conjunction with the Heli Safe's

Korda Bait Drills


Essential for attaching hard hookbaits such as pellets and tiger nuts onto the hair or for balancing hookbaits to make a critically balanced fast reacting rig

MCF Marker Link


A useful boom for those that like to do it the old school way and get the marker float out.

MCF Dumper Lead Clips MK2


Designed perfectly to dump lead on takes meaning there is no risk to the fish's welfare.

Leeda Rogue Needle Set


Perfect for beginners to get themselves kitted out with all the necessary terminal items

Prologic Custom Black Marker Rod and Okuma Atomic Spod Reel Combo

£144.95 £109.99

A wicked marker rod and reel combo with braid for the reel and a marker float kit as well this is a bargain not to be missed. Products inluded are; Prologic Custom Black Marker Rod Okuma Atomic Spod Reel Daiwa J-Braid 32lb x4 Avid Carp Marker Float Kit