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Terminal Tackle

Thinking Anglers Naked C Clip Buffer Beads


Designed to protect your line when fishing naked chods or heli’s.

Thinking Anglers C Clip Buffer Beads


Keep it neat by concealing your c clip lead system inside one to the new C Clip Buffer Beads

Thinking Anglers Beaked Chod Hook


Drawing inspiration from the original curve point pattern, adjusting the eye and upping the wire gauge Thinking Anglers have made an utterly bullet proof hook

Thinking Anglers Precision Hook Honer


Use this abrasive block to precisely hone hook points to surgical sharpness.

Avid Gripper Leads


Purposely designed to help you hold bottom on large lakes with undertow or large rivers where you need your bait to stay exactly where you left it

Korda Kamakura Wide Gape X Hooks


Same awesome sharpness and reliability just stronger

FOX Edges Zig Float Kit


Makes fishing zigs a doddle allowing you to change the depth of your zigs at the drop of a hat

Korda Rig Spools


Two foam spools ideal for storing rigs, supplied with pins making for an effective rig storing system

Korda Long Chuck Mono Clear


Specifically designed for fishing at long range and without doubt will add extra yards onto your casting capabilities

Korda Klor Hooks


Next evolution of Korda Kurve Shank hooks this new Klor pattern derives features from both a Kurve Shank and Wide Gape hooks offering an unrivaled hook to land ratio

Korda Mini Heli-Safe


The best lead ejection system just got better! thanks to a clever tweak they are now more compact and less visible

Sonik Subsonik Mono


Available in Brown, Green & Camo this highly abrasion resistant, low memory mono is by far one of the cheapest mainlines on the market without compromising performance