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Tackle Boxes

Preston Innovations Mag Store System


Keep all your hook lengths neat and tidy ready for your upcoming sessions

Drennan Hook Book


A nice and neat way to store a multiple of rigs and have them all in one place.

Drennan Hook Box


The perfect way to store all your pre tied rigs so you can be organised and prepared on match day!

Guru Stealth Rig Case


With 2 sizes in the range the stealth rig cases can store short feeder rigs or long river hook links.

Guru Fusion 450


The Fusion 450 is perfect to keep rig those long rig boards in order and all in one place.

Guru Fusion Float Boxes


2 sizes in the range you can select which one to house all your floats keeping them in tip top condition and less likely to break.

Guru Feeder Box Accessory Box


Available in either 4 compartment or 6 compartment these neat little boxes will help keep all your bits and bobs in one place.

Guru Feeder Box Rig Board


The perfect addition to the feeder box to keep your rigs stored and ready to go!

Guru Feeder Box Spool Insert


If you like to have hook lengths pre tied then look no further than the spool insert, this will allwo you to store EVA spools in your feeder box with ease.

Guru Feeder Box Divided Insert


Another excellent tidy addition to the feeder box range to help customize how you store your tackle.

Guru Feeder Box Deep Insert


A must have addition to the feeder box range, the deep insert will fit perfectly inside the feeder box to keep everything tidy and organised.

Guru Feeder Box Shallow Insert


A neat and tidy addition to the Guru Feeder Box range that will help keep all your bits and bobs in order.