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Spod Rods

Fox Horizon X3 13ft 5.50lb Spod Rod Abbreviated Handle


Send them Spod's into orbit!!!

Fox Horizon X4 Full Japanese Shrink Wrap Handle 12ft Spod/Marker 50mm Ringing


Send spods to the Horizon with these beautiful Spod/Marker Rods

Nash Dot Spod Rod 12ft


The rod of choice for more accurate baiting using Nash's own dot spods



Spod & Marker Hybrid with all the cosmetics of the classic VaderX carp rods to match your set up



Dedicated spod and marker rod designed to be a real workhorse offering incredible bait application for a tiny price

Spomb Rod 12ft MR


Designed specifically for use when depositing bait with a spomb, this is the ultimate rod for the job.

Trakker Defy Carp Rods


A lower price point in the rods however they are still very good quality that are the second in the range to Trakkers rod range.

Trakker Propel Carp Rods


Trakker have ventured into the rod market and what a job they have done! They have 10ft rods ranging all the way up to 13ft Spod and Marker Rods.

ESP Onyx Spod/ Marker Rod 12ft


Kev Hewitt himself has stated that the Onyx Spod rod is the best spod rod he has ever used and let me tell you, the amount of carp Kev catches that says a lot about this rod!

Avid Carp - Exodus 12" Spod Marker 4.5lb Rod


A combined Spod & Marker rod. All Exodus rods are finished with the same high quality fittings, understated graphics, Laser etched Butt Caps & high grade carbon, so quality no longer has to come at a price. Exodus rods have a crisp casting action and fast recovery which up to now, has only been found on rods twice the price, whilst the fish playing action is responsive and forgiving, even under the rod tip where most hook pulls happen. Exodus rods are built on a high modulus, lightweight carbon blank and finished with a 3k weave to make them THE best performing, as well as the looking rods available for those on a tight budget.

Avid Carp - XR Spod Marker Rod


The XR Spod & Marker is the perfect combination of power and accuracy. Whilst having the back bone and loading capability to deliver a large spod full of bait at range, the XR Spod & Marker also has the accuracy and feel to map out the water in front of you. The rods are are built on a lightweight 1k carbon blank, finished with lightweight fittings to allow for a faster tip speed when casting and longer use without fatigue.

Avid Carp - Shock Tight Braided Snag Shock Leader 50lb


Shock Tight is specifically designed to be used as a braided shockleader when fishing at long range, or an extreme snag leader when fishing close to snags. It's tough, durable and is finished in our Outline colours so it is virtually invisible when lay on the lake bed.