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Scales & Tripods

Carp Spirit Dial Scales 120lb 54kg


No nonsense dial scales capable of weighing the biggest brutes

FOX Digital Scales 60kg 132lb


Extremely user friendly scales in a compact design

Korum Compact Digital Scales 66lb


Pocket sized scales that pack a punch

Cygnet Scales Pouch


Save you scales from scratches and damage

Avid Carp Lok Down Weigh Tripod


The most accurate way to weigh your fish without having the scales jump around.

Korda Dial Scale 60lb/2oz


Check out these limited edition dial scales that have had a Korda pimping

Korda Digital Scales 132lb/60kg


The alternative way to weigh your prized catch to ensure you get the correct reading, the digital scales are accurate and easy to use.

Cygnet Sniper Weigh Tripod V2


The best way to accurately weigh big fish, no more shaky estimations

Avid Carp Digital Scales


Compact lightweight scales with a built in T bar for more accurate weight registration

Leeda 55lb Dial Scales


The simple and easy to use Leeda Dial Scales give an accurate measure of every catch.

Wychwood T-Bar Scales MK2


Heavy duty digital scales capable of weighing the largest carp.

Cygnet Weigh Staff v2


Weighing fish cannot get any easier when on your own and to be accurate as well with the weights, you would be silly not to get one of these weigh staff.