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Rod Pods & Back Rests

Nash Rod Pod


Available in two and three rod, the Nash Rod Pod's give you stability in any fishing scenario

Sonik Stanz Rubber Rod Grips


Designed to keep them rods locked down and not pulled off the rests in the event of a ripping take!!

JAG Lockdown Body Prolite Black


Keep them rods locked & loaded ready for that all important ripping take!!

JAG Lockdown Inserts


Interchangeable butt grips for the lockdown rests, seeing is believing even if you are fishing locked up they wont move an inch

Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod


Designed for use with up to three rods, this 3-in-1 rod pod comes with front and rear buzz bars, and is supplied in a heavy duty storage bag, ready to head out for any situation, wherever you’re fishing, and whatever you’re targeting.

Leeda Rouge Pack Pod


Quick and lightweight fantastic bit of kit for the versatile angler that fishes a variety of venues.

Korum Angle Tilt Sidestrike Rest


For all you quiver tip users out there this is the rest for you! perfect for those savage bites but the reassurance of the rod going no where!

Korum Tilt Rest Rod Rest


Perfect for river anglers that fish with their rod tips up and still need good line flow for indication.

Korum Butt Rest


Inspired by the speedfit butt rests you can now purchase the same style butt rests to use singularly on their own.

Korum Padlock Butt Rest


The rod is not going anywhere when one of these is attached, perfect for those fishing snaggy venues or barbel fishing on fast flowing rivers!

Wychwood Tactical Pod Kit


Simple, compact easily transportable an awesome pod for the money.

Cygnet Butt Grabber


The most versatile butt grips on the market, you can mold these to perfectly fit your rods, all you need is a cup of hot water!