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Rod Pods

Sonik Xtractor Rod Pods


Highly customisable, compact and lightweight, in keeping with Soniks awesome Xtractor concept, everything you could want from a rod pod

Sonik Xtractor TRI-PODS


Providing a quick and stable solution for easy mobility

FOX Black Label 3 Rod Pod


Super quick assembly and lightweight configuration make this ideal for the mobile angler

Nash Rod Pod


Available in two and three rod, the Nash Rod Pod's give you stability in any fishing scenario

Leeda Rogue 3 in 1 Rod Pod


Designed for use with up to three rods, this 3-in-1 rod pod comes with front and rear buzz bars, and is supplied in a heavy duty storage bag, ready to head out for any situation, wherever you’re fishing, and whatever you’re targeting.

Leeda Rouge Pack Pod


Quick and lightweight fantastic bit of kit for the versatile angler that fishes a variety of venues.

Wychwood Tactical Pod Kit


Simple, compact easily transportable an awesome pod for the money.

Cygnet 20/20 Specialist Tripod


The Cygnet specialist tripod has been extremely popular since its release, and so everybody can get in on the action the guys at cygnet have released a 20/20 version!

Cygnet Specialist Tripod


This compact tripod is perfect for those that like to rove up and down the river all day. Perfectly capable of accommodating 1,2 or 3 rods!

Solar Tackle A1 Bankware Ground Pod


Lightweight goal post style rod pod complete with carry bag.

Avid Carp - Lok Down Compact Pod


Following on from the popularity of our Lok Down Bankwear range we have developed an all-round versatile pod which can be used in all situations. The Lok Down Compact Pod has been designed around the demands of modern anglers who need small and neat pack down sizes buts still need a fully adjustable, versatile product. Featuring our 'Lok Down' cam mechanism, the compact pod has a fully adjustable main double central bar and fold out adjustable compact legs. The pod has been designed to be used on any fishing bank terrain. From wooden platforms and staging to hard ground such as concrete and stones the compact pod covers all eventualities not only in the UK but across the world. Main Product Features- -3-Rod Lok Down Compact Pod -Fully adjustable double centre bar -Spirt levels built into pod -Supplied with 11” and 12” 3-rod buzz bars -4 x 6” Lok Down legs -Central retaining, security strap -Supplied in an A-Spec pod bag

Avid Carp - Lok Down Stage Stand


The Lok Down bankware range offers the user a brand-new type of Cam system, stronger and more durable than any other. The Cam works unlike any other on the market by applying pressure to the entire inner surface. The Lok Down Cam also has an internal rubber collar which increases grip strength when the Cam is locked down. - Designed to allow you to fish with banksticks on wooden platforms - Banksticks can be clamped into place with the Lok Down Cam - Lok Down Cam eliminates wobble and is easier to tighten than convetional thumb screws - Hardwearing black finish - Constructed from high-grade aluminium - Lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable - Works in conjuction with Lok Down Banksticks - Can be used with all banksticks with a 16mm profile