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Rod Holdalls & Sleeves

Thinking Anglers Multi Strap


Ideal for use in conjunction with the thinking anglers base unit & bramble cover

Thinking Anglers Bramble Cover


Keep your lines and rods damage free with this simple yet clever idea straight from the thinkers in the tackle industry

ESP Camo Quickdraw Rod Sleeves


Designed to accommodate the new Onyx Quickdraw Rods

ESP Camo Quickdraw Quiver


The new quickdraw quiver is tailor made to accommodate the new oynx quickdraw rods & net along with all the necessary storm poles and umbrellas

Wychwood Tactical HD Rod Sleeve 9-10ft


Featuring a clever overfit design the Tactical Rod Sleeve has a padded rod sock connected to the reel cover with a simple toggle system which allows it to be used for any rod and reel combination providing the rod is 9 or 10ft

Wychwood Tactical HD Quiver Foldall


Designed to hold three assembled rods with an added compartment for housing slings, nets and possibly a shelter

Trakker NXG Compact 5 & 6 Rod Sleeves


Designed to take 5 or 6 rods depending on the model, these are for the angler needing to protect their precious rods but don' t need all the extra pockets.

Trakker NXG 6 Rod Holdalls


Available in 10, 12 and 13ft housing 6 rods this is truly a monster rod holdall with protection and security in mind.

ESP 3 Rod Quiver & Sleeve


Designed to take 3 rods and a brolly in the center with room for other things such as bank sticks/ storm pole, nets and any other things you may need to add on, all in the DPM pattern.

ESP 12ft Single Rod Sleeve


3/4 length in design so only the butt section of the rod is exposed these work perfectly in conjunction with the ESP quiver system for carrying your rods about.

ESP Rod Socks


Perfect for keeping your rods safe whist on a quiver the ESP rod socks offer good protection plus they are in carpy DPM what more could you want.

Nash Dwarf 10ft 3 Rod Skin

£59.99 £43.99

Purpose made to house the 10ft Dwarf Rods, the three rod skin gives you the versatility of a quiver with the compact design of a 10ft rod sleeve.