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Z Man Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig Head 2pk


Entice them few extra bites by mounting your favorite jellies onto the skirted finesse jig heads

Z Man Finesse Bulletz Weedless Jig Heads 3pk


Traditional jig heads are far from ideal in weedy / snaggy scenarios, in these situations look no further than the Bulletz weedless jig heads

Z Man Finesse Shroomz Ned Rig Jig Heads 5pk


Create the perfect Ned Rig with the Finesse Shrooms Ned Rig Heads

Z Man NedlockZ EWG Extra Wide Gape Jig Heads 4pk


A combination of the mushroom shaped jig head and the extra wide gape hook offering incredible presentation

Pike Pro Winterized Oils


Ideal for getting a scent trail into the water and boosting the pulling power of your deadbaits

Westin W3 Ultrastick 7' / 210cm ML 7-28G Rod


One of the most versatile medium sized lure rods ever created, giving you the ultimate compromise between an awesome rod and an unbelievable price

Westin W3 Powercast 8'3 / 248cm XH 20-80G Rod


An improved version of Westins original W3 Powercast designed to meet the demands of the modern predator angler

Westin W3 Powerlure 8' / 240cm 20 - 60g Rod


Designed for casting larger lures, shads and spoons the Powerlure is a real brute designed to tame big predators

Pike Pro Crimps


Super strong crimps for constructing wire traces

Pike Pro Balsa Sticks


A fantastic way to create a wafter / popped up deadbait that stays free of weed, giving you optimum presentation of weedy gravel pits

Pike Pro Spare Foam Inserts


Spare foam inserts to be used in conjunction with the deadbait punch kit

Pike Pro Deadbait Punch


Get them deadbaits sitting proud of the weed easily accessible to the pike by adding a small amount of foam