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Dynamite Baits Monster Tiger Nut Pellets 900g


Packed with attractants and feed triggers which will leak off as the pellets break down

Sonubaits Spicy Sausage Halibut Pellets


Superb for all manner of species whether its Chub, Barbel or Carp

Dynamite Robin Red Pre-Drilled Pellets


Incredibly attractive, incredibly versatile, whether its on lakes for carp, commercials for catfish or rivers for barbel these pellets will be scoffed down by all species

Nash Citruz Pellet


Incredibly attractive fast breakdown pellet designed to trigger an instant feeding response

CC MOORE Oily Salmon Floater Pack


Fantastic value for money the Oily Salmon Floater Pack will be sure to get them summer carp troughing

Nash Slicker Floaters 11mm


Get them carp packmaning with the these awesome Slicker Floaters

Urban Bait Strawberry Nutcracker Pellets


Fast breakdown pellets packed full of attraction and proteins the fish find irresistible

Sonubaits Oily Floaters 11mm


Incredibly oily, soft floating pellets ideal for getting them feeding confidently when standard mixers aren't doing the business

Sonubaits Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets


Get them Barbel and Carp crawling up the line with these super smelly pellets oozing with attraction

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna 15mm Session Pack


Ready for every eventuality with the added advantage of fantastic value for money

CC MOORE Live System 15mm Session Pack


A guaranteed short session hauling pack to cover all basis!!

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna Pellets 1kg


All the great attraction from the pacific tuna boilies now in pellet form, leaking off food signals for hours on your baited area.