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Proper Carp Baits Prepared Particles


Preserved in natural Himalayan rock salt, they really are the highest quality particles oosing natural attraction.

Sonubaits Banoffee Corn


Combining one of the all time best fish catching baits with the heavenly smell of banoffee, you wont mind going home smelling of this one I can assure you

Hinders Bait Prepared Tiger Nuts in Betalin 90g


Tiger Nuts are one of if not the best hookbait bait going. So what do you get if you cross the best hookbaits with some of the best flavouring's going... These! You get these!

Sonubaits Flavoured Corn 400g Tins


Perfect for loose feeding or for hookbaits over standard sweetcorn these are proven fish catchers, the f1 in particular for Tench and Crucians.

Sonubaits Spicy Sausage Hemp 400g Tin


Beautifully cooked split hemp with a spicy sausage flavouring great for Barbel and other species that love a smelly bait.

Dynamite Baits Tiger Nuts 2.5l Jar


The sweet, crunchy tigers available in a jar.

Dynamite Baits Tinned Hemp & Snails 700g


The awesome cooked hemp in a tin with added snails.

Dynamite Baits Pulses & Particles Sweet & Milky 2.5l Jar


Lovely mixed chunky particle infused with sweet palatinates to create a cloud.

Dynamite Baits Pulses & Particles With Krill 2.5l Jar


Awesome cooked mixed particle with added Krill.

Dynamite Baits Naked Pulses & Particle 2.5l Jar


Pure natural mixed particle packed full of goodness and attraction.

Dynamite Baits Chilli Hemp 2.5l Jar


Spicy chilli frenzied hemp in a jar.

Dynamite Baits Hemp 2.5l Jar


The ultimate hemp in a jar. Perfect.