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Drennan DR Bait Spikes


For changing hook baits with ease

Preston Innovations Floater Loop Sizer


Helps create the perfectly sized loop each time.

Preston Innovations Floater Rapid Stop Needle


Designed to push a Rapid Stop through a variety of baits.

Preston Innovations Floater Pulla Needle


Designed for use with conventional hairs with soft baits.

Preston Innovations Floater Disgorger Knot Picker


To use the featured knot picker which is ideal for unpicking knots and saving valuable time

Preston Innovations Link Swivel Sleeves


Help reduce tangles and neaten up those rigs

Preston Innovations Stopz


Line friendly stops, ideal for wagglers and feeders

Preston Innovations Plummets


Essential for plumbing up the depth of your swim

Preston Innovations Loop Tyers


Super handy loop tyer and disgorger combo

Preston Innovations Bristle Grease


Apply to pole float tips to help them sit correctly in the water

Korum Meat Stops


Luncheon meat has to be the hardest bait to keep on a hair rig, now however thanks to Korum have brought out these ingenious little meat stops

Drennan Isotopes


Ideal for those late evening sessions down the river where watching the tip for those all important bites is what needs to be done.