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Z Man Original Chatterbait


Flash of a spinnerbait, vibration of a crankbait, and profile of a jig

Finesse Shadz 4" 8pk


Ideal for dropshotting the Finesse Shadz are proven winners when bites are hard to come by

Z Man Streaks 3.75"6pk


The split tailed design of the Streakz gives them an uncanny appearance of a wounded minnow, a safe bet for tempting large perch

TRD Ticklerz 2.5" 8pk


The Ticklerz tentacled construction makes it one of the most devastating soft baits ever made!!

Finesse TRD 2.5"8pk


The ultimate finesse lure for the popular Ned Rig

Z Man Finesse Wormz 4" 10pk


The Finesse Wormz will drive Perch and Zander crazy when fished on either a texas or a regular jig head

Z Man Batwingz 2.75" 6-pk


Accurately mimic the defensive posture of a crayfish the Batwingz give off a tantalizing waving motion

Z Man TRD Crawz 2.5" 6pk


With crayfish playing a huge part of a predatory fishes diet the TRD Crawz will tap into that predatory instinct

Z Man MinnowZ 3" 6PK


Z Mans top selling lure worldwide the Minnowz replicate a live minnow evoking that predator instinct

Z Man Grubz 2" 8-PK


The ultimate curly tail grub on the market avoid them at your peril

Fox Rage Super Natural Replicant Carp Lures


New to the replicant family are the Super Natural Carp Patterns featuring incredible life like body graphics and a wobbling motion big predators cannot resist

Fox Rage UV Swing Ball


Unique soft lure pattern featuring fox rages "spikey shad" bristles with a new ball tail concept providing superior movement