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Fox Rage Gonzo 80mm SR


A jointed, shallow running lure, revamped by popular demand

Westin Bullteez 18cm


Designed for selecting those big brutes, whether its pike or zander

Westin ShadTeez


A truly solid fish catcher, with is paddle tail & slender wrist it has a rolling, belly flashing action they can resist

Westin Curlteez 8.5cm


The curltail lure has been a legendary fish catcher and these are set to become just that

Westin Stanley The Stickleback 7.5cm


A stickleback is the snack of choice for large toothy predators, so why not give them something they want

Westin ShadTeez Slim


Smaller brother of the devastating ShadTeez, with its tantalizing rocking motion set to drive hungry predators wild

Westin Zanderteez


Absolutely deadly for cannibalistic zander or just about any predatory fish that swims

Westin Hypoteez V-Tail 10cm


Designed to tempt even the shyest biting species

Westin Hypoteez Shadtail


Predators will be helpless to resist

Westin Monstervibe Willow 23g


Sometimes it takes a monster to catch a monster!!!!

Fox Rage Funk Bug, Floating, Deep Running 50mm 8g


The perfect mouthful for a big predator

Fox Rage Slick Stick Shallow Running 60mm 5g


The legendary slick stick is back and ready to catch again!!