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Liquids & Additives

Proper Carp Baits Gold Seal Winter Session Pack


A fantastic product to keep in the back of your car so you are ready at the drop of a hat

Nash Citruz Spod Syrup


The deadly attractor combination of the Citruz now in liquid form giving you a high leakage hub of bait to draw any passing carp to feed

Sticky Baits Pure Fish Liquid


A combination of fresh tuna and other sea dwelling fish this makes for an incredibly pungent, attractive liquid for who dares to open up the bottle

Sticky Baits Pure Shrimp Liquid


Perfect for soaking boilies or for concocting spod mixes leaving an incredibly attractive red cloud in the water column

CC MOORE Marine Amino 365 500ml


Ideal for getting your bait pumping out attraction on the lake bed, simply give them a coating of the marine amino 365 liquid and they will be supercharged with feeding signals

Kiana Carp Goo - Moonshine Supreme


Totally unique smelling goo that has gone through a distillation process to create an incredibly smelly whisky type aroma

Kiana Carp Goo - Jungle Juice Supreme


Smells like every citrus fruit combined into a tantalizing liquid that will drive fish crazy

Kiana Carp Goo - Bubble Gum Supreme


Wow does this one smell amazing!! lovely juicy aroma that gets the taste buds flowing

Mainline Bait Smart Liquid


Smart by name smart by nature sending out plumes of attraction into the water column and impregnating the lake bed to keep fish rooting around in your swim for longer

Ringers Liquids, Red, Yellow & Dark 250ml


Ideal for adding extra attraction to your groundbait, pulling in more fish into your swim

Urban Bait Fully Loaded Hookbait Dip 250ml


Ideal for keeping your baits jazzed up ready to pump out attraction

Urban Bait Fully Loaded Glug 500ml


Get them boilies supercharged and pumping out attraction by giving them a big old dose of the fully loaded glug