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Line & Hooklinks

Korda Long Chuck Mono Clear


Specifically designed for fishing at long range and without doubt will add extra yards onto your casting capabilities

Sonik Subsonik Mono


Available in Brown, Green & Camo this highly abrasion resistant, low memory mono is by far one of the cheapest mainlines on the market without compromising performance

RidgeMonkey Spectre Fluorocarbon Hooklink


Almost invisible when submerged in water the Spectre Fluorocarbon gives you high abrasion resistance when used as a leader or hooklink

RidgeMonkey Stiffy Chod/Stiff Rig Filament


Essential for constructing the awesome Chod / Hinge Stiff Rig, absolutely deadly for presenting effectively on weedy lakes

RidgeMonkey SilkFlex Soft Braided Hooklink


Super soft, supple hooklink ideal for making solid bag rigs or the hook section on combi rigs

RidgeMonkey Camo X Stiff Coated Hooklink


Supple braided core hooklink with a removable stiff coating giving it fantastic anti tangle properties

RidgeMonkey Camo X Coated Hooklink


Supple braided core hooklink with a soft removable coating making this an incredibly versatile and user friendly hooklink thats designed to fall in a natural manner whilst still giving you great anti tangle properties

RidgeMonkey Descend Braided Main Line


Braid is regarded as the most abrasion resistant mainline there is and the Descend Braided Mainline has all the characteristics of a great braid, dark inconspicuous colour, super heavy fast sinking properties and zero stretch

FOX Edges Illusion Flurocarbon Leader & Hooklink Trans Khaki


The perfect leader or hooklink for clear venues, in the revolutionary Trans Khaki camouflage

FOX Edges Illusion Soft Fluorocarbon Trans Khaki


Soft fluorocarbon material ideal for d rigs or booms on hinge rigs, the hooklink of choice in clear water

FOX Edges Camotex Stiff Camo


Camouflaged flecked hooklink material superb for blending into any lake bed

Fox Exocet Double Tapered Line Trans Khaki 300m


The Fox exocet is a very well known line for casting so the double tapred exocet is even better, with a built in leader this is the perfect way to get around venues that have a leader and when fishing at range.