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Preston Innovations ICS In-Line Match Cubes


Allows the angler to alternate lead sizes without disassembling the entire rig

Avid Gripper Leads


Purposely designed to help you hold bottom on large lakes with undertow or large rivers where you need your bait to stay exactly where you left it

Dinsmores Arlesey Bombs


Classic leger weights in various sizes

Dinsmores Ball Legers


Drilled bullets with multitude of uses.

Guru - Inline Plummet Weights


Guru Inline Plummets feature a unique design for unrivalled accuracy when feature and depth finding. Available in five sizes – 10, 20, 30g, 45g, 60g – the plummets are designed so the line goes straight through the middle of the plummet’s axis, allowing anglers to find the depth with millimetre accuracy.

Guru - Impact Bomb Leads


These bombs have a wide variety of different uses, both on lakes and rivers, and the ‘cage’ can be filled with Method mix or dampened pellets to deliver a scent trail close to your rig. This is especially useful when you are considering fishing a straight lead but still want some bait in the area, so will also be a good choice in the colder months.They come in four different sizes – 2/3oz, 1.1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz – which covers everything from flicking a lead down the margins to fishing at longer range, or holding bottom on slower flowing rivers. Their shape and weight-forward design also means that they cast incredibly well, and accurately, and are less susceptible to catching a crosswind than a conventional Method feeder can be.

Guru - X-Safe Inline Lead


Roll-proof inline leads that can be fished with a standard rubber insert, or with the clever Guru X-Safe elasticated system. The inlines are perfect for use with a host of tactics, but take conventional bomb and pellet fishing to the next level. They offer better hooking potential than swivel leads, and especially when teamed up with the X-Safe stems, fly extremely straight and true.

Guru - Distance Bomb Lead


Compact, aerodynamic, weight forward shape is ideal when fishing at distance. Over-sized swivel makes attaching to rig quick and easy. Finishd in Guru Commercial Camo. Available in sizes 19g(2/3oz) 31g(1.1oz) 43g(1.5oz) and 57g(2oz)

Guru - Flat Pear Bomb Lead


Flat shape great for hooking fish and prevents bomb rolling when on the bottom. Great for rivers as flat bombs do not get caught by the flow. Over-sized swivel makes attaching to your rig quick and easy. Finished in the Guru Commercial Camo. Pack of 2.

Guru - Square Pear Bomb Lead


What’s more, the dumpy, compact shape makes for the best bolt-rig effect possible, meaning that you’ll hook more fish than with conventional leads. Because these leads are a little heavier than many used for match or pleasure fishing they are particularly effective at counteracting the drag effect of a PVA bag as it flies through the air. The Square leads are finished in with a coating that’s been formulated to match the lakebed found in most commercial venues.