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Korum Mesh Feeders

A multitude of sizes in the range and a lay flat weighted back to combat the flow of the river these are perfect for any situation.
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Manufacturer: Korum

Large specimen mesh feeders with a flat base which holds bottom better than round feeders. The mesh construction is perfect for a quick release of damp pellets, other particles and groundbait.

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Korda - Sinkers


A compact tungsten-rubber weight, designed to slide onto your hook link and pin it to the lake bed. Moistening the hooklength will allow the Sinkers to slide along the hook link much easier. The great thing about a Sinker is that it stays in position, rather than flying off on the cast like putty can. Available in Safezone colours to camouflage into the lake bed and two separate sizes.

Korda - Kwik Melt PVA Tape Wide


Korda kwik melt PVA tape, used to tie off PVA bags, create stringers and to tie around a lead clip to stop the lead ejecting on the take.

Avid Carp - XL Anti Tangle Sleeves


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These beads are shaped so you play carp against the tapered section of the bead during the fight, great for Naked Chod setups. Pre-formed around wires for ease of use.