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Guru Super XS Eyed Barbed


Sharp hooks that are strong for those big fish anglers.

Guru Super XS Eyed Hooks Barbless


A super strong hook perfect for the carp feeder method or fishing on fast flowing rivers.

Guru Super XS Spade End Hooks


An awesome strong hook that is perfect for the carp feeder anglers or even on fast flowing rivers.

Guru Super Pellet Waggler


The perfect hooks for fishing the Pellet Waggler method, they have been designed for this method and they will not disappoint.

Guru LWG Spade End Hooks Barbless


A classic pattern of hook that is now avalible in spade end and it popular amongst all anglers.

Korum Hook Hairs with Bait Bands


With bait bands already in place ready for fishing all you need is the desired hook link and a bait and you are ready to go.

Korum Xpert Power Hooks


A super strong and super sharp hook that is capable of landing specimen fish from big hard fishing perch to big chub and specimen barbel.

Korum Xpert Specialist Hooks


A straight point which is razor sharp and a straight eye on the hook this is going to go straight in when taken by a fish and will prove hard for the fish to get away.

Korum Xpert Specimen Hooks


The specimen hooks from Korum have a super sharp straight point with an in turned eye meaning the hook point will always turn into the fishes lip.

Korum Allrounder Hooks


A super sharp point and an aggressive slight out turn of the eye this hooks nature makes it very hard to deal with when those finicky fish take the bait.

Korum Grappler Hooks


A super aggressive hook with an out turn eye and and razor sharp beaked point, this would be suited to be used with small pop ups or balanced hookbaits.

Korum Penetrator Hooks


The Penetrator hooks have been based of off the very popular wide gape style pattern. An interned eye and a beaked point means that once those fish take the bait there is no way they are getting rid of this hook whether you use barbed or barbless.