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Dynamite Baits Spicy Shrimp & Prawn Shelflife Boilies 15mm 1kg


Oozing with flavour the Spicy Shrimp & Prawn has shone through as a fantastic Chub and Barbel bait

Dynamite Baits The Source Wafter Dumbells 15mm


Ideal for fishing small traps with delicate rig presentations that require a balanced bait

Dynamite Baits Frenzied Meats


New for 2021 Dynamite Baits have released four exciting not just flavored meats but infused with other awesome fish catching baits, Sweetcorn, Robin Red, Halibut & Krill

Hinders Baits Elips Paste 150g


Wrap this around your baits for additional attraction. The Barbel cant resist .

Hinders Bait Elips X Hard Dumbell Hookbaits 90g


Purposely designed Barbel & Chub Hookbaits that are perfect for the specialist angler.

Hinders Bait Elips Dumbells 700g


The best specialist pellet with a dumbell Boilie to complement the range.

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb Paste 150g


Wrap your hookbaits for added attarction. The Barbel can't get enough!

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb Chunks 140g


Pre Drilled, Barbel Bomb Pellets that Barbel can not resist. And smelly liquid for extra attraction.

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb X Hard Dumbells 90g


The perfect hookbaits to accompany the Barbel Bomb range. These baits are glugged for added boosting qualities.

Hinders Bait Barbel Bomb Dumbells 700g


Great proven Barbel bait that has accounted for many big Barbel. Avaliable in different sizes.

Sonubaits Barbel Hookbaits Large 12 x 15mm 150g


Super smelly hookbaits that have been designed with flavours and textures that barbel cannot resist.

Sonubaits Band'um Wafters 45g.


The ultimate critically balanced, high vis, high attract hookbait made to be targeted by fish due to its colour and strong scent.