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Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Korda Kore TK Hoodie Light Kamo


Featuring an exclusive camouflage pattern unique to Korda the TK Hoodies feature a super comfy fleece jersey material and stretchy underarm panel for increased movement

Nash ZT Snood Hoody


The perfect item of clothing for retaining warmth around the neck and face

Nash ZT Polar Fleece


Made from a luxury shaggy fleece material for unbeatable warmth

Ridgemonkey APEarel Heavyweight Hoodies


A true heavyweight winter warmer !!!!

Kumu Clothing Tall Tales Hoodie


A lovely thick zip hoodie with a carp design but also would not look out of place worn off the bank. FISHMAS SPECIAL Order this item and receive a free Kumu Hat

Fox Rage Grey Camo Hoody

£44.99 £29.99

The perfect piece of clothing for all you pred heads out there.

Trakker Lanyard Hoody

£44.99 £29.99

Not only is this a carpy, comfortable and stylish hoody, it also will help stop loosing your sun glasses too!

Aqua Core Hoody

£44.00 £34.99

A comfortable hoody that will keep the elements at bay in the harshest of conditions and also can be worn in the fairest as well.

Nash ZT Elements Hoody Medium

£69.99 £54.99

The firm favorite Zero Tolerance range from Nash has bought this ultra warm and comfy hoody.

Nash Embossed Zip Top Large

£59.99 £44.99

A stylish hoody from Nash that can be worn either on or off the bank and you wont look out of place.

ESP Fleece Hoody


An old classic has been resurrected for 2022, behold the updated version of the original Fleece Hoody these hoodies have been involved in many historical big carp shots so why not take a slice of the old school fishing with you

ESP Camo Jumper 2021 / 2022


Get the Terry Hearn look with this years limited edition camo wooly jumper