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Sonubaits Krill & Squid Groundbait


Krill and Squid have proven time and time again to be phenomenal fish attractors so combining the two is certainly a winning combination

Hinders Bait Elips Dumbells 700g


The best specialist pellet with a dumbell Boilie to complement the range.

Hinders Bait Ground Elips Pellet Groundbait 700g


The ULTIMATE pellet, grounded up. Many uses quicker release of flavours in the swim, attracting the fish quicker and holding them in the swim for longer.

Hinders Baits Barbel Bomb Feeder Mix Groundbait


Finally grounded pellets make up this highly attractive groundbait. Add to any Barbel mix for instant attraction.

Hinders Bait Little Gems 50/50 Groundbait 900g


Great groundbait that's perfect for solid bags, stick mixes or Spod mixes.

Hinders Bait A Mix 900g


A fantastic mix of Crushed Nuts & Hemp. A ideal, ready to go groundbait, ideal for PVA Bags, Spod mix, Method feeders...

Sonubaits So Natural River, Lake 1kg


The So Natural range has been designed with silverfish in mind with some of the best silverfish anglers in the UK.

Sonubaits Super Feeder Original 2kg


Super Feeder is a sweet-smelling, fluffy groundbait mix that is perfect for feeder fishing.

Sonubaits Pro Thatchers 900g


A mix of finely milled pellets and high quality fishmeals the Thatchers mix has proven to be incredibly popular.

Sonubaits Pro Super Sweet 900g


A rich dark super sweet groundbait designed for F1’s Carp and Skimmers with added sweet enhancers.

Sonubaits Pro Meaty Salmon 900g


Made with dried salmon meat the pro meaty salmon is incredibly pungent and mega high in omega fish oils giving it serious pulling power.

Sonubaits Pro Green Fishmeal 900g


Contains spirulina which is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which fish recognise as a valuable food source.