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Fox Rage Sunk Float Paternoster Sunk Floats


Multi use sunk floats great for fishing different sized live baits.

Fox Rage System Drifter Float


Get your baits right out there with this drifter float.

Fox Rage Deadbait Pencil Pike Float


Slim line pike float, great for casting and less resistance when the float slides under.

Fox Rage HD Dart Swivel Pike Float


Hi viz swivel float. Large flight for good visuals with swivel attachment for a multitude of pike rigs.

Fox Rage HD Dart Slider Float


Hi viz Pike floats that are designed to be fished in line, tangle free, easy to use.

Korum Snapper Slider Float 15cm 15g & 18cm 20g


Low resistance slimline float ideal for laying on deadbaits hard on the bottom.

Korum Snapper Bung Floats 13cm 20g & 20cm 40g.


More traditional styled float for use in more sluggish waters.

Korum Snapper Bobber Float, 6.5cm 8g


Perfect for turbulent waters and suspending larger baits.

E-Sox - Zeppler Float


Zepplers are an extremely popular pike float. It has a shorter, stubbier shape than the Piker.

E-Sox - Piker Float


Piker floats are one of the most versatile predator floats on the market.

E-Sox - Subfloat


Subfloats are used as a streamlined bubble float on the surface or as a sunken float on a paternoster rig.