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Fish Care

Korum Multi Weigh Bar


The humble weigh bar but can be used in more then one way! A neat idea from the guys at Korum meaning you will be able to find the best way to get an accurate weight reading.

Korum Mesh-Safe Net Float


A very buoyant net float that also helps keep your net mesh out the way whilst netting fish!

Korum Digital Scales


Small enough to put in your rucksack or small carryall and capable of giving accurate readings on fish such as roach all the way up to carp.

Korum Packa-Weigh Sling


With a very small pack down but big enough to take small carp, specimen chub, barbel, even big perch or jack pike this sling can be used on a multitude of different species.

Korum Compact Recovery Sling


With a small pack down size but big enough to hold large specimens as well as being able to weigh them in this as well why would you not want one of these.

Korum Transition Fold-A-Mat


A mat that folds away small and clips to a rucksack, lightweight yet large enough to keep specimen fish safe? Yes please!

Korum Transition Roll-A-Mats


With two sizes in the range meaning if you like to target dog Perch or up to big Barbel there is a sized mat here for you!