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Drennan Pellet Method Feeder


Easy to load and compress without a mould

Preston Innovations ICM In-line Banjo XR Feeders


An evolution from the popular Dura Banjo feeder and is the perfect option for carp, skimmers and F1’s

Preston Innovations Absolute Window Feeders (Solid)


The ultimate casting feeders!

Preston Innovations Absolute Window Feeders (Caged)


Can essentially be fished the same as a conventional meshed feeder but at extreme range.

Preston Innovations Bullet Feeders


There is a feeder in this range to cover every eventuality.

Preston Innovations Distance Cage Feeders


Specifically designed for fishing at distance

Preston Innovations Hexmesh Plastic Bullet Feeders


Offering unrivalled bait presentation

Preston Innovations Wire Cage Feeders


Whether on a still water or a flowing river there is a feeder in this range suitable

Preston Innovations ICS Swivel Stem Kits


Will convert any ICS product from an in-line feeder to a conventional style feeder set up, with the added benefit of still being quick change.

Preston Innovations ICM Pellet Feeder


Perfect for when smaller amounts of bait are required

Preston Innovations ICS Solid Pellet Feeders


Perfect for use with micro and softened 4mm pellets.

Preston Innovations ICS In-line Pellet Feeder


Perfect for introducing small pellets and particles into your swim