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Feeder Rods

Korum Allrounder Quiver Rods


Extremely versatile quiver tip rods for true allrounders

Sonik SKSC Commercial Rods


A fantastic range of commercial rods that aren't going to break the bank but also boast a good quality performance.

Korum Phase 1 Rods


The perfect rod for anglers just getting into the sport, incredibly lightweight, compact and inexpensive available in 10ft Float or 10ft Feeder

Drennan Vertex Method Feeder 11ft


A lovely feeder rod that is good for most venues and it wont break the bank either, nor will it break on the bank.

Drennan Vertex Method Feeder 10ft


A lovely rod that is perfect for the method feeder on commercial venues.

Drennan Acolyte Ultra Feeder Rod 11ft


The Rolls Royce of feeder rods, the Acolyte range needs no introduction in terms of performance there really is no better range of rods on the market.

Drennan Specialist Twin Tip Duo 12ft 1.5lb


The heaviest rod in the range which will be perfectly suited to chub fishing, tench and many other hard fighting specimen fish.

Drennan Specialist Twin Tip Duo 12ft 1.25lb


The ultimate all round specialist rod that you can use to cover a multitude of situations.

Drennan Specialist Twin Tip 12ft 1lb


Perfect for fishing rivers or lakes, these rods can cover any situation you may find yourself in.

Drennan Specialist Twin Tip Duo 11ft 1.5lb


With a multitude of tips avalible in one rod you really can expect to cover all situations with just one rod alone.

Drennan Specialist Twin Tip Duo 11ft 1.25lb


With the option to change between the 1.25lb tip to a quiver tip section that has a glass and carbon tip you can use these rods in a variety of situations to fish for multiple species.

Guru Slimline X-Change Feeder Weights


Designed for the slimline feeders these weights mean you can change the weight of feeders with ease without having to change set up each time.