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Korum Snapper Dropshot Weights, 5g, 10g, 3 per pack


Clever little dropshot weights that can easily break away if becoming snagged

Korum Snapper Dropshot Hooks, Size 1 & Size 2


Featuring out turned eyes the Dropshot Hooks are a must have for presenting the dropshot minnows or grub type lures.

Korum Snapper Dropshot Minnows, Fry 7cm & Fluoro 7cm


Loose body dropshot minnows to be used in conjunction with the dropshot kits or by themselves as a deadly fish catching method!

Korum Snapper Dropshot Kits Mix 5cm, 7cm 3 per pack


All in one kit including soft minnow lures, dropshot weights and hooks to get you out mastering the art of dropshotting!!

Korum Snapper Dropshot Fluorocarbon 6lb, 8lb & 10lb, 50m


Silky smooth invisible fluorocarbon perfect for presenting delicate dropshot presentations.

Korum Snapper Dropshot & Jig Braid 8lb & 10lb


Awesome stretch free braid ideal for improving sensitivity and keeping you in touch with your lure.

E-Sox - Dropshot Hooks


E-Sox Dropshot Hooks are purpose-designed for targeting perch using modern dropshotting tactics.

E-Sox - Dropshot Bomb Weights


E-Sox Dropshot Bomb Weights feature a specially designed bulbous base to enable them to pivot while still holding bottom. This allows you to impart even more subtle and lifelike movements into a dropshot lure without actually moving the bomb.