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Cradles & Mats

Fox Multi Bowl 12l


Perfect to collect water, prepare spod mix/groundbait or clean your cookware

Carp Spirit BLAX Sling Mat


Compact unhooking mat perfect for the roving angler, with the added advantage of doubling up as a weigh sling

Cygnet Folding Unhooking Mat


Extremely compact thanks to its space saving folding design

Prologic Avenger Pro Beani Mat


For all you flat mat fans that don't want to sacrifice size and fish safety

Prologic Inspire Unhooking Mat


High density, padded unhooking mat offering your prize what they deserve, the upmost protection

Aqua Atom Self-Inflating Unhooking Mat


Packing down to an unbelievable small size the Aqua Atom Mat is perfect for the roving angler

Trakker Sanctuary Self Inflating Crib


Available in 2 sizes for suitable for carp home and over seas the Self inflating Cradles are designed for look after the fish to the highest of standards but also offer a small pack down size.

Leeda Rouge Walled Mat


A fantastic mat for no budget busting price tag

ESP Quickdraw Mats


Simply the most lightweight compact unhooking mat on the market, beautifully padded, wipe clean PVC floor, drawstring walls, it really is the unhooking mat of the future!!

Korda Basix Carp Cradle


Designed to be compact, lightweight and offer maximum fish protection for a tiny price, this really is a mega product

Drennan Specimen Unhooking Mat


Aimed at the short session angler the specimen unhooking mats offer an innovative design which allows a flat roll up mat to be transformed into a walled cradle by simply pulling the drawstring on the mats side.

Trakker Sanctuary Insta-Mat


Super fast erection, walled unhooking mat perfect for stalking or for all you guys that love to travel light on longer session.