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Cooking Equipment

RidgeMonkey Grilla BBQ Hotplate


Keep all that beautiful BBQ food nice and warm ready for an all out summer feast

RidgeMonkey DLX Cutlery Set


Made from dishwasher friendly stainless steel the DLX Cutlery Set is easy to clean, store and carry

Ridgemonkey 'The Classic' Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster Standard Including Utensil


The Classic and original sandwich toaster is back and is supplied with the utensils as well.

Ridgemonkey Connect Multi Purpose Pan & Griddle Set


A deep pan enabling you to cook a variety of different dishes on the bank and supplied with a griddle pan as well.

Ridgemonkey Connect Combi and Steamer Set


A brilliant idea from Ridgemonkey that allows you to separate food items whilst cooking to stop them mixing and also allows you to steam food as well.

Ridgemonkey Grilla BBQ


Everybody loves a BBQ but there is nothing more annoying than getting to the lake and forgetting the coal, this is a problem of the past with this new BBQ from Ridgemonkey, you can use either Gas or Coal with this product.

Trakker Armolife Marble Sandwich Toaster


A must have cooking accessory, incredibly compact and can cook almost anything

Trakker Armolife Windshield


On a windy day these are an absolute life saver and let me tell you seeing is believing, helps boil that kettle in seconds.

Trakker Armolife Frying Pan


Featuring lockable fold away handle, this is by far one of the most compact frying pans on the market

ESP Kettles


These classic shapes kettles are super carpy and available in 2 sizes so if you are a sociable angler or a solidarity type there is a kettle in the range for you.

Aqua DPM Gas Pouch


Nothing worse than a cold gas cannister stopping you from making a brew in the morning, not anymore thanks to the Aqua DPM Gas Cover.

RidgeMonkey Heated Gas Cannister Cover


How many times have you struggled to get your gas working on them cold winter nights? Simply plug this bad boy into your portable battery chargers via a USB cable and that stove will be roaring in no time!!