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Cooking Equipment

Trakker Armolife Cookset Handle


For those that use the Marble Cookset range and like to be a bit of a culinary genius when cooking and require more than one pan, look no further. Additional cookset handles available to buy today!

Trakker Cyclone Mug


There is nothing more carpy than to have a cup of tea, so why not have your tea in a carpy mug, the Trakker Cyclone Mug to be exact.

Ridgemonkey Connect Toaster, Toaster Case, Cookware Case & Heated Gas Cover Fishmas Combo Standard or XL

£79.96 £44.99

What an incredible offer helping you take full advantage of Ridgemonkey's awesome cookware products

Ridgemokey Connect Toaster, Toaster Case & Cookware Case Fishmas Combo Standard or XL

£59.97 £39.99

An absolute deal offering a toaster, toaster case & cookware case for an incredibly low Crimbo price

Ridgemonkey Connect Toaster XL & Toaster Case XL Fishmas Combo

£42.99 £34.99

A tasty combo for them nippy winter sessions

Ridgemonkey Connect Toaster Standard & Standard Toaster Case Fishmas Combo

£39.98 £29.99

A tasty combo for them nippy winter sessions

Ridgemonkey Cookware Case


Great storage for all of your cooking equipment

ESP Kettles and Cup Combo

£17.99 £11.99

The carpiest kettles joined up with the carpiest cup in one combo, yes please!!

Ridgemonkey ThermoMug's


These insulated mugs maintain a constant temperature keeping your brew warmer for longer

Ridgemonkey The Classic Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL inc Utensils


The Classic and original sandwich toaster is back and is supplied with the utensils as well.

RidgeMonkey Grilla BBQ Hotplate


Keep all that beautiful BBQ food nice and warm ready for an all out summer feast

RidgeMonkey DLX Cutlery Set


Made from dishwasher friendly stainless steel the DLX Cutlery Set is easy to clean, store and carry