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Preston Innovations Pole Support


Designed to fit a wide range of seat boxes, featuring telescopic height adjustment and an extra strong clamping knuckle

Preston Innovations Deluxe Dutch Feeder Rests


A great rest for anglers who are seriously into their feeder fishing

Preston Innovations Pole Safe Combo


Great protection for your carbon products

Preston Innovations Pole Safe Sock


Ideal for anglers who like to keep their kit compact and lightweight

Preston Innovations Tube Rod Rest


High sided tube rest to keep your rod securely in place

Preston Innovations Quiver Rod Rest


Designed to give you a secure rod positioning when fishing the tip

Preston Innovations Mini Butt Rest


Ideal for use with both Cork and EVA rod Butts.

Preston Innovations Butt Gripper Rest


Extremely versatile butt grip that can be used with a multitude of rod handles of varying diameters

Preston Innovations Rod Safe Multi


The perfect commercial fishing rod rest

Nash Butt Lock Rests


Clamp your rods down solid with the clever Butt Lock Rest from Nash, ideal for snag or weed fishing or alternatively for hard fighting species such as Barbel

Frenzee FXT EVA Net Bags


Keep the interior of your car smelling fresh by storing your wet keepnets inside these durable EVA Bags

Frenzee FXT Net Dip Bags


Quickly and easily allows you to transport and dip your nets without having to take them out of your bag