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Cooking Cookware

Cygnet Gas Canister Cover


Stops that annoying chilly gas bottle that stops your morning cuppa

Cygnet One Man Food Set


Compact design great for tucking in your food bag for a bit of bankside luxury

Fox Heat Transfer 3200 Stove


A very Powerful stove with a built in wind guard, putting out 3200W meaning this will boil a kettle in no time at all, which is all we need to care about when angling!!

Trakker Armolife Cookset Handle


For those that use the Marble Cookset range and like to be a bit of a culinary genius when cooking and require more than one pan, look no further. Additional cookset handles available to buy today!

Trakker Cyclone Mug


There is nothing more carpy than to have a cup of tea, so why not have your tea in a carpy mug, the Trakker Cyclone Mug to be exact.

Trakker Armolife Marble Sandwich Toaster


A must have cooking accessory, incredibly compact and can cook almost anything



An ESP branded mug that is perfect for all those die hard ESP supporters out there.

Aqua DPM Mug


Look the part on the bank with this awesome DPM Mug from Aqua, just mind you don't loose in the undergrowth!!!!

Korda Compac Gas Jacket


Keep your gas canister fighting fit and preforming to the fullest with Korda's fantastic gas canister cover. Helps insulate gas canisters preventing slow burning.

Korda Compac Cooler


The ultimate food storage solution, coupled with Korda's dedicated cool packs will keep food cool for days. 20 litre capacity.

Trakker Armolife Cookset Lids


Dedicated lid set for the Trakker Armolife Cookset range ideal for cooking more complex meals on the bank. Available in Compact, Medium & Large.

RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Pro Mini Full Kit


The Quad Connect is the pinnacle of carp fishing stoves allowing you to connect two separate stoves via a quick release adapter in the gas pipe, therefore running tow separate stoves off the same gas bottle. Perfect for those social gathering or complex meals. This however is the smaller more compact version for those looking to travel light or is restricted to short sessions.