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Nash Pursuit Strongbow Landing Net


Super light, durable and stunning quality then Strongbow Net will never let you down in your Pursuit of big carp

Korum Deluxe Accessory Chair S23


The Deluxe model features a new reclining armrest system, where the armrest can be simply moved out of way on one or both sides. It also boasts a new telescopic self levelling leg system, for maximum adjustment.

Korum Accessory Chair S23


State of the art accessory chair from Korum making it easier than ever before to attach all manner of accessories giving you total versatility in any situation

FOX R2 Sleeping Bag


Designed for standard width beds the R2 bag offers incredible comfort and durability whilst remaining at a reasonable price

Sonik SK-TEK 5 Season Sleep System


Affordable, comfortable and lightweight the 5 season sleep system from sonik offers a quality sleep system for a great price

JRC Defender Chair


High quality day chair for a tiny price

Wychwood Tactical Carp Tarp


Multi purpose product designed to be used either as a bedchair cover or a makeshift shelter via a velcro loop making it ideal for quick overnight sessions or day sessions

RidgeMonkey Vault Tech Table


Bivvy table and portable charger combined perfect for keeping your phone charging whilst asleep avoiding pulling the cable out

Wychwood Comforter Sleeping Bag


Fleece lined, hollow fibre sleeping bag guaranteed to give you a comfortable nights sleep

JRC Defender Levelbed


Affordable bedchair that does not compromise comfort or durability

Wolf Mozzi-Zapper


Keep them dreaded Mosquitos at bay using this genius product, giving you both a bivvy light and an insect repellant

Fortis XSR Binoculars


The ultimate weapon for hunting down carp at long range, fizzers, shows, hatches.....nothings safe from these! Forget see deeper....see further!!